Instrument Co., Ltd. Wuxi Kingdee major production "Kingdee" brand series of harmonica, mouth organ, clarinet, such as teaching instruments. Company's products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, production and sales among the forefront of the national industry.
"Kingdee" brand harmonica, 97 years won the "Light Industry, Jiangsu Province famous brand" designation, and on the same end through the ISO 9002 international quality system certification and product quality certification:"Kingdee" brand mouth organ, the use of self-developed phosphor bronze production and processing through the second anti-corrosion. 98 years through national authoritative organization - China Testing Center of detection instruments and as instruments of the Center and the National Association for the promotion of recommended products.
In order to enhance the quality of primary and secondary school students of music, the company will, as always, improve their product quality, for the majority of teachers and students, in order to give their education a passion.
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